Roof Consoles Mean a Safer and Easier Trip

But roof consoles aren't just about organisation and aesthetics. The moment you hit your first outback pothole you'll know why experienced 4WD travellers see secure roof console storageas mandatory - UFOs in 4WDs are a NO NO.

 Roof consoles also come into their own when you need to find something important, or store something out-of-sight (like a GPS).

 Roof consoles come in various designs to suit your needs and the configuration of your roof. They can be rear roof consoles; centre roof consoles; across windscreen roof consoles; and many other configurations, each of which can be upholstered to match the interior of your vehicle.

As Victorian distributors for 'Department of the Interior, Sydney,  Time Plus Communications can supply a range of roof consoles to match a wide variety of vehicles. So come in or call and we can discuss what roof console solution best suits your needs.

The enclosed products are just a few examples. For a specific console suited to your needs, please contact us.

To review product range online, please visit manufacturer website Car Consoles and select the appropriate product suitable to your requirement.