Let's talk technology, like people

In the fog of technological progress it's often easy to forget that the gadgets and gizmos we obsess over ultimately exist to make our lives easier. To connect us to each other. To keep us safe.

Keeping our focus - you

Just as it's easy to lose focus on the purpose of technology, it's common for those in the technology business to lose sight of the fact that commerce also exists to bind us. To help us support each other. To make our lives easier.

That's why we place a genuine emphasis on customer service. We understand that we are people selling technologies to people, and so we take very seriously our responsibility for helping to keep those people connected and safe.

We go out of our way to match our customers with the exact product to suit their particular needs

And because we're both humans, we'll sometimes have different ideas. So we don't shy away from suggesting what we think our customers need rather than simply giving them what they want. We've no interest in sending a retired couple into the Australian outback with the shiniest Satellite Phones if it's not the perfect phone for the conditions they'll encounter.

And we don't do all this just out of the kindness of our hearts - it makes good business sense to match our customers with the right products. Happy people talk, and that's why a great deal of our business comes from customers referring their friends.

We've thrived and survived by virtue of our quality products and customer service philosophy for over 30 years. So if you're in the market for communication technologies, drop-in and we'll talk... like people.