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Sat Phones – Compact, Easy to Carry

Do you believe that buying from the best can assure you the best, if yes, then what are you waiting for? Check out Time Plus Communications range of sat phones. Being one of Australia’s largest communications company, we bring to you devices that help you stay connected, even when you are stranded in the wilderness of this beautiful continent. Though similar to mobile phones the isatphone works globally using state of the art satellite communication technology.

Combining comfort with function sat phones from Time Plus Communications are not only easy to carry wherever you go but are also built to industrial standard ruggedness. They will be with you no matter how harsh the climate is. When travelling to an unknown place benefit from our best car GPS to guide to your destination.

If your mobile phone experiences drop outs or network connectivity problems then try installing a mobile phone antenna. Time Plus can help you with installation and solve all your network problems. Check out our range of sat phones today!