Communication is life

You're at work, daydreaming of red dust and blue-sky vistas. You've got the vehicle. You've got your outback travel route tattooed in your mind. You can see yourself waking-up to days of pure freedom and lying down to nights of infinite space.

Or you might work in one of the many industries that depend on simple, cost-effective, reliable and direct communication. It might be in a security emergency when you reach for your UHF CB Radios. Or you might require the assistance of someone in another wing of an Aged care home or medical facility.

Whatever the situation, people need to communicate to stay connected, safe and secure. So whether you're embarking on outback travelor simply doing your job, it's wise to carefully consider how individual communication devices can best suit your needs.

Ours is an age of communication technologies. But what often gets lost in the excited talk of gadgets is the simple fact that the communication devices at our disposal are more than technologies - they're enablers.

Technologies like satellite phones, UHF CB radios, PLBs, GPSs  and Dog Tracking GPSs are more than feats of brilliant engineering, they're devices that enable us to live the adventurous outback travel lifestyles we crave.

Along with your vehicle and your desire to get off the grid, effective and reliable communication is one of the fundamental things to consider when planning outback travel.

Remote Australia is an unforgiving wilderness beyond the reach of mobile phones and other forms of communication we now take for granted. As such, outback travel requires specialized communication technologies like CB radios and satellite phones that demand expert matching of the device with its intended use.

Time Plus Communications have been matching technologies with outback travel dreams for over thirty-three years. We know the business, and we know the communicative challenges and demands of remote Australia. Talking to us can save you countless research hours that often end in the purchase of an inferior or ill-suited product.

As a one-stop-shop for UHF CB radios, Satellite Phones and a host of communication devices for all kinds of Applications. We also provide an Installation Service which can save you the hassle and possibly the added cost of having your product installed separate to its purchase, or running the risk of damaging the product or voiding the warranty through incorrect self-installation.

We understand that you want to spend your money on the road, not on safety equipment. But we're also keenly aware that when faced with the potential dangers outback travel and Outdoor Adventurer can pose, you want to know that you can find your way or call for help if you need it.