Who are we?

The past few decades have seen the growth and development of communication technologies that have fundamentally altered the way we live. Networked technologies, mobile phones, Satellite Phones and GPS are shaping how we travel, navigate, and get out amongst nature.

With 33 years in the business, Time Plus Communications has been there for the development of all these incredible consumer technologies. In fact, we've been around since the early days of CB Radios.

We consider ourselves lucky to be part of the communications revolution, and we enjoy sharing with our customers the knowledge that comes with evolving as a business throughout this era.

We are an Australian owned private business dedicated to excellence in the communications field. We are one the largest suppliers of GPS units in Victoria, selling Magellan, Garmin, Uniden, VMS, OZTopo Maps and Ozi Explorer GPS software.

We are proud that our wide range of products enable people to travel wider, safer, surer and longer.