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Handheld UHF Radio – Unknown Becomes Known

Time Plus Communications make buying handheld UHF radio easier for we bring to you an exclusive collection of world class UHF handheld radio devices. Our range includes the best from different brands and varieties ensuring that you can find the one you need. If you are looking for a specific model of handheld radio for example, a GME UHF then you can always let us know and our staff would be quick to source it for you.

Designed to last long and sustain even in worst climatic conditions our handheld UHF radio devices will be the best if you are planning an adventure in the unknown of Australia. Time to time guidelines and communications through these devices will help you reach your destination conveniently. When in water consider using our marine radio, a device destined for the waters, will support you even when you are deep in water and see no way out.

Time Plus Communications UHF handheld radio come with the promise to be with you there every moment, not leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. While you are here, also make sure to check our collection of sat phones to connect you to different airtime providers.