If you want to have a push-to-talk button for bike-to-bike communication and be able to easily move your Autocom system between bikes

This is the bike side of a two part power lead that is easily identified with red DIN socket. Install a part 2342 on your other bike(s). This one socket/plug combination carries 12 volt power, plus the audio and PTT connections for your two-way radio. Simply disconnect one one plug, and move your setup to another bike, plug in, and you're ready to go!

Includes handlebar PTT + VOX transmit switch.

For use with mating connector, Part #2430.
Heavy duty red/black leads connect to bike's power.

Compatible with the following Autocom Systems:

  • Super Por Automatic
  • Logic
  • Active-PLUS
  • Super Pro AVi
  • Pro-7
  • Pro M1

Shipping Details

Shipping cost for item: $12.00