Replacement 7 pin Rider's Headset lead plugs into the Autocom's circuit board with a 9 pin JST connector. This is the standard length rider's lead, although it is suitable to used as the passenger's lead, simply by placing it onto the corresponding 'passenger' 9 pin JST mating connector on the Autocom's circuit board.

The only difference between the rider's lead and passenger's lead is the length - the passenger's lead is shorter.

This Lead fits to:

  • Super Pro Automatic
  • Logic
  • Super Pro AVi
  • Active Plus
  • Pro7 Sport
  • Active7 Smart

Note: The Logic Kit L-1 rider's lead is actually part 1593. Since the Kit L-1 is intended for tankbag installation, the rider's lead typically does not need to be as long. The Logic Kit L-2, uses this longer rider's (part 1592) and a shorter passenger's lead, which is typically what's required for an under-seat installation.

Box Includes

1 X 1592 Cable

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