• Unique Remote Control operation for a true hands-free experience
  • Beautifully simple, just pair, play and ride.
  • Connects to music, smart phone, GPS, pillion or bike-to-bike
  • Aerodynamic and sleek design that suits any helmet
  • Range of 800m (terrain depending)
  • Small size (dimensions L 80mm x W30mm x D25mm)
  • Very high output speakers giving crystal clear audio
  • Connects to Bluetooth MP3 type music devices
  • Charge time 4 hours with several days standby
  • Auto last number redial for phone calls

Box Includes

  • Two atom modules
  • Two Remote Controls
  • Remote Control Handle Bar Holder
  • Two chargers
  • Two headsets (inc microphones and speakers)
  • Two fitting kits
  • Operation manual

Shipping Details

Shipping cost for item: $15.00