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Automated Web Service (AWS)
• AWS offers a powerful true web based solution that caters for the many demands of customers across a wide range of equipment and vehicle types.
• The AWS is an easy-to-use application that integrates many different hardware and communications technologies into a universal seamless and true web based solution.
• The device settings are configurable through the GPRS or NextG network to enable remote
updgradeability to BIGmate’s more comprehensive tracking solutions.

Supported OBDII Parameters (with upgrade version)

BIGmate’s Automated Web Service (AWS) offers a powerful true web based GPS tracking solution that caters for the many demands of customers. Typical features, subject to package selected, include:
• Unit tracking ability with Google Maps, both road and satellite (subject to device compatibility)
• Detailed replay of all activities in graphical and tabular reports
• Driver behaviour reporting, with the ability to limit it to specifically defined areas
• A range of utilisation and geo-fencing reports such as journey, odometer, engine hour and activity reports and graphs
• Vehicle service scheduling based on odometer, engine hours or time

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