Grey Nomads

2 Way Radios - One Way To Stay Safe

When winter comes, thousands of older Australians pack-up and head north in search of adventure in the sun. These grey nomads travel from all over Australia, often venturing into the most remote parts of the country. But many underestimate the lack of medical services in the outback and travel without essential safety devices such as two way radios and Satellite Phones.

Mobiles ain't gonna cut it

 While most grey nomads are seasoned and responsible travellers, many are simply unaware of the perils of outback travel, and of the potentially life-saving benefits of two way radios.

 Mobile phones are incredible inventions, and they no doubt make city and regional life easier and more convenient. But mobile phones don't work in the outback. In fact, around 94% of Australia is outside of mobile phone range. This fact makes communication devices like two way radios absolutely vital when travelling remote Australia.

Water, check. Food, check. Two-way radio?

Two way radios tuned to the frequency of the nearest RFDS or Australian 4WD Radio Network are as important as first aid kits, water, food and the other necessities one packs when venturing off the grid. Yet too often reliable communication is seen as an optional extra, or as an unwanted expense.

Time Plus Communications can assist you in choosing the right two way radio for your travel needs. We can also advise you on choosing a satellite phone that best suits you and your adventure. In fact, longer-term travellers may be eligible for the Australian government's satellite phone subsidy scheme.

So come in or give us a call and we'll chat about what you'll need for where you're going.

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