Walkie Talkie Radios Offer Security And Safety

Fundamental to effective security and increased safety is the ability to communicate with colleagues in order to get assistance, relay messages, notify them of potential risks or problems, or just feel assured that help is a walkie talkie radio away.

Walkie talkie radios are used extensively by bouncers, security guardsAged care and factory workers, on film sets, and in shopping centres and hospitals. The portability, effectiveness, reliability and cheapness of walkie talkie radios make them invaluable in environments where people need to coordinate and communicate across large spaces.

The exceptionally high quality of sound and zero-call-cost of walkie talkie radios make them an obvious choice over mobile phones in situations where regular cost-effective communication is essential.  With a range of 3 to 15km, walkie talkie radios provide ample connectivity in most security and safety situations.

Time Plus Communications stock a wide range of walkie talkie radios suitable for a host of security and safety applications. So give us a call or drop in and we can discuss how a walkie talkie radio can best suit your needs.

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