Thuraya Satsleeve for iPhone

The Thuraya SatSleeve is a revolutionary new product that converts your iPhone into a satellite phone. With its own built in battery and sim card, Satsleeve uses the display and keypad of your iPhone for complete functionality as a satellite phone. Satsleeve battery will also charge your iPhone if your iPhone is running low on battery.

The SatSleeve works through a free app interface. For your regular mobile phone calls, you still use your current service provider. However, Thuraya's Australian service provider Pivotel has launched new Thuraya satellite plans that can be combined with standard mobile phone plans starting from $42.95 for unlimited talk on mobile phone and cheap call rate of 99c per minute when using in satellite phone mode.

The new SatSleeve comes with iPhone5/5S adapter. iPhone 4/4S adapters can be purchased separately. There are also plans to bring out adapters for android phones in near future.

Interested? Buy the new SatSleeve from Time Plus Communications.


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